Eat, Eat, Eat

We made the experience that it is so important that our kids eat enough for dinner for good sleeping. One hour before they go to sleep we have dinner. When there was more time between dinner and sleeping they woke up during night when they were babies, and it was perhaps because they were hungry.

If you give your baby milk in a bottle it is easy to see how much you are feeding. But if you breastfeeding your Baby it is a little more difficult to see how much it is drinking. But I'm sure you will have the right feeling when your Baby has really had enough. 
Older kids should learn to sit on a table for dinner but our kids are really getting  bored to sit there. And they are such lousy eaters. They love candies and icecreme but they almost hate everything that is approximately healthy food. So we are reading books at the table, telling stories and some days we are painting - and they forget how boring eating is and they eat.