Evening Routine

Evening routine is an important step to help your Baby fall asleep.
We tried a lot of different evening routines before we figured out which really helped.
First step: 10 to 15 minutes before our kids go to bed one of us, sometimes both, stays with the kids in their room. To help them to calm down we usually play something slow together. That could be a puzzle, read a book, listen to music and sing together, playing with the dolls...
Second step: After this quality time we make us ready for bed (brush the teeth...) and then we say goodnight to some toys and dolls. We are walking around the room, kiss and snuggle the bears and the dolls and waving hands to say bye.
You also can look out a window with your Baby and wish your neighbors goodnight.
If you feel that your child is getting bored of your ritual, you have to chance the ritual immediately. 
There are some opportunities for rituals: Singing a favorite song, bringing the doll to bed together, put sticker in a sticker book.... These rituals should be the sign for your Baby: It`s bedtime and I`m going to sleep now.